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Graywhale Farms chicken hatchery.

Indio Gigante, Black Copper Marans and Ayem Cemani Hatching Eggs available

two ayam cemani roosters, two indio gigante roosters, and a 55 flowerly hen

Now offering Chicken Coops. Guaranteed to keep out predators.

Ask us about our Craftsman Coop options made specific for midwest living. Own Ayam Cemani or Indio Gigante chickens and spend less time on your phone.

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Rare Breed Chickens Available Now

“Graywhale was a quick 55-minute drive from Green Bay and a short drive off the highway yet it is tucked away on a peaceful property. Bridget and Jason were super knowledgeable, helpful, and personable. They answered all our questions on the spot and helped us select healthy, beautiful pullets. We are very happy with our hens.”

Mellissa H.

Looking for Recipes?

We’ve been cooking and baking with eggs from our pet chickens and creating recipes for their food.

Organic Gardeners Love Backyard Chickens

Turnips Harvested at Grayhale Farms


We’ve found the same people who love organic gardening see the value in backyard chickens. Plus, you can grow veggies to feed your chickens.

If you’re thinking of adding your own brood, we’re currently selling day-old-chicks, pullets, and hens. We also have hatching eggs available.

Bring the Farm to Your Backyard

Your Local Door County Hatchery

  • Free-range hatchery.
  • Hatching Eggs available
  • Day Old Chicks available
  • Rare Breed Chickens Sourced from Greenfire Farms
  • NPIP Certified.
  • Local employer

Graywhale Farms is Making Families Happy and Healthy.

When searching for backyard chickens, we have happy, healthy rare-breed chickens. We focus on diet, environment and time with our flock. 

Graywhale Farms is on a mission to increase sustainability for families around the country. From our farm to your homestead, backyard and kitchen