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Introducing Our 2024 Flock- Hatching Eggs and Day Old Chicks

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Are you looking forward to adding day-old chicks to your backyard flock? We’ve added several rare-breeds for 2024. We’ve also added a few other farm animals, too!

Lots of folks, ask– so what’s popular?

We have several different species through the year. We encourage pre-orders for our most popular species like Indio Gigante and Gold Deathlayers. Others are available to be shipped or picked up within a week.

The Gold Deathlayer and Indio Gigante species were popular in 23′!

2023 was the year of the Gold Deathlayer and Indio Gigante at Graywhale Farms. Despite what you may hear or read online, both of these species thrive in all 4 seasons. The Gold Deathlayer has an uncanny wit and beauty  — along with its ability to lay eggs for 7 years!   The Indio Gigante is an ode to the dinosaur, but as gentle and cuddly as my black lab.  It also lays eggs on a regular basis. 

We made a few changes for 2024 including that we will be selling full grown hens all year. Our full grown hens are for local pickup only and we have over 20 rare species to choose from. 

Our hatching eggs and day old chick lineup is below.  Hatching eggs will begin to ship in March and are available for local pickup all year.  Day old chicks will begin shipping in May and are available for local pickup from March-October.

Hatching Eggs and Day Old Chicks product lineup – 2024 Graywhale Farms.

Ayam Cemani – Indonesia

Red Mottled Pita Pinta Asturiana – Spain

Wheaten Sulmtaler – Austria

Creme Legbar – England

Indio Gigante – Brazil 

Gold Deathlayers – Germany

Black Copper Marans – France

Mauve Silkie – United States

Chocolate Silkie – United States

Schijndelaar – Netherlands


India Blue Peafowl. – Available Winter 2024

7 Different Bantam Species including Serama!

Be sure to put in your orders for 2024 soon! We will being shipping in March.

Want to talk on the phone? Please contact us at (920) 724-1887.

Graywhale Farms — 2355 Michigan St. Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235