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An open hiring letter.

featured image reads, "An open hiring letter."

Hey there. 

I started a farm. I am looking to build a team — maybe with you.

Regardless of industry, I am looking for folks who create. 

Graywhale Farms is a brand dedicated to introducing cultivating style to the Midwest.

Using our soil-first, free-range, and no-till approach to poultry and vegetable farming the families we serve are happy and healthy. 

Like the greats of craft before us, we focus on the structure of the things we grow rather than the output we make.  

Jason Knill Hand-Fertilizing Organic Crops at Graywhale Farms
Jason Knill Hand-Fertilizing Organic Crops at Graywhale Farms

We are going to solve several major problems at Graywhale Farms as the years progress.

  1. Direct-to-consumer supply chain for small to medium farmers.
  2. Soil Degradation among large farm operations.
  3. Small Farmer Debt and ability to scale.
  4. Childhood wellness in underserved communities.
  • Do you like to do hard things that are worthwhile? 
  • Are you sick of only looking at a computer screen in your house? 
  • Do you want to see smiling faces in person every day?
  • Are you bored?

I’m looking for farmers, thinkers, engineers, writers, agronomists, storytellers, math folks, policymakers, healthcare professionals, filmmakers, photographers, biologists, astronomers, and teachers to join me.

Come introduce cultivation style to the many great small towns across this land. 

Email me!

Jason Knill 

Founder, Graywhale Farms

Originally Published on LinkedIn on May 19, 2022