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Are You Looking for Unique Gifts This Holiday Season? You’ll Love Baby Chickens!

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day-old gold deathlayer chick

It’s already the holiday season and we’ve reached peak fall colors up here in Door County. It’s a great time to consider what gifts you’ll give to your children – or yourselves – this holiday season. 

Maybe you’re looking for unique gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or even anniversaries and birthdays. And you may even be cutting back on your gift budget. We get it. Also, it’s hard to buy gifts sometimes. And do you really need another expensive gadget that will be outdated in a year? Unique gifts that help you experience life together sound better, right?

Unique Gifts Bring Connection

Unique gifts foster a connection to ourselves, to nature, and to one another. If you’re gravitating toward experiences over things (more toys or electronic gadgets), we’d like to suggest baby chickens. 

Puppies and kitties are great but they’re far from unique gifts. Plus, if you’re one of the 20% allergic, that’s not a good gift. The good news is that an allergy to live chickens is so rare, it’s not documented. 

Yes! Baby chickens get your whole family outside (in the spring since we ship in May and June) and you won’t even notice that you’re not on your phone as much. Well, unless you start a new IG account. (#BackyardChickens is definitely a thing with over 2 million posts.)

We have six breeds available for Spring 2023, but don’t wait too long to reserve your baby chickens. They are filling up fast — especially since we have a 50% off sale through the Holiday Season. So that is a win-win. 

After your unique gift is opened, you begin your journey (or continue it) by learning what coop to buy, which feeders are best, and more. And we’re happy to take you along our journey in our newsletter.

Backyard Chickens are a Unique Gift

But what about wrapping a gift that doesn’t ship until May? We have an idea or two up our sleeves, so subscribe to our newsletter.

We can’t wait to hear the stories of how much closer you and your family get raising baby chicks together. We bet you’ll notice that you feel happier! Spending time in the backyard with family raising your chickens is so fulfilling. 

From our hatchery to your backyard

Happy. Healthy.