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Backyard Chickens — Introducing Our 2023 Flock Just in Time for the Holidays

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this graphic shows photos of the 2023 rare breed chickens that Graywhale Farms will be selling in 2023 including Indio Gigante, Creme Legbar, Black Copper Marans, Ayam Cemani, Gold Deathlayer, and Red Pita Pinta

Remember the days when the Bulls announced their team roster? Before the internet and fantasy teams, those announcements were so much fun. Just like those champs, we’re announcing our flock for the 2023 season and their country of origin. (This is an excellent way to add social studies to your homeschool curriculum).

  • Ayam Cemani – Indonesia
  • Red Mottled Pita Pinta Asturiana – Spain
  • Creme Legbar – England
  • Indio Gigante – Brazil 
  • Gold Deathlayers – Germany
  • Black Copper Marans – France

Why Only 6 Breeds of Chickens?

We started our hatchery with over 30 rare-breed chicken species because we wanted to experience each breed for ourselves to choose the ones we thought would do best in mixed flocks, be good pets, safe around children, friendly to people, and do well in the Midwest.

We think you’ll love these breeds, too!

Be sure to put in your orders for 2023 soon! (Christmas is also right around the corner.)

You’ll Love Spending Time In Your Backyard

Like gray whales, Graywhale Farms is well-traveled and so are our chickens! Spending time in the backyard with family is so fulfilling, that you won’t notice the reduction in screen time. 

From our hatchery to your backyard

Happy. Healthy. 

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