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Blue Indian Peafowl now available

Some of the rarest Peafowl in the world are now available in Wisconsin for local pickup.

The Indian peafowl is also known as the common peafowl or blue peafowl. This species is native to the Indian subcontinent. We have Peacocks and Peahens.

These Blue Indian Peafowl can be purchased as Chicks or in Pairs. Local pickup only at this time.

Other new birds available, too.

Buff Orpington – Hens, Rooster, Day old Chicks and hatching eggs.

Japanese Green Pheasant – hens and roosters

We also have rare breed hatching eggs starting at $3/egg. When you stop by the farm for chickens — pull on in and head to the barn— you can purchase the hatching eggs on a per egg basis. We have several species of rare breed hatching eggs that are always available. Our hatching egg species include: Indio Gigante, Ayam Cemani, Pita Pinta, Gold Deathlayer , Schijndelaar and Wheaten Sulmtaler.

Pickup laying eggs for baking and eating

In addition to our Fertile Hatching eggs we have a flock of great layers! Pickup a fresh dozen eggs for $5/dozen. Stop by the front door of the farmhouse for those.

Pickup Day Old Chicks

We have hatch day at the farm nearly every week. We have day old chicks at the farm stand which you can pickup too! Every time we hatch —all of our day old chicks are vaccinated for mareks. Our day old chicks begin at $10/chick.

Pickup Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

We maintain an organic farm mostly for our chickens, but often have a few extras to share with the community. Throughout the season we grow Hakuri Turnips, a variety of tomatoes, beets varietals, carrots, onions, lettuce, kale, apples and pears.

Meet us

Want to talk on the phone? Please contact us at (920) 724-1887.

Graywhale Farms — 2355 Michigan St. Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235