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Creme Legbar Chickens Don’t Lay Cadbury Creme Eggs so What Color Eggs Do They Lay?

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Bridget Willard Holds a Production Creme Legbar that we hatched and raised here from Greenfire Farms' Stock.

Creme Legbars are one of the most highly sought-after and rarest breeds of chicken in the country. They are friendly, easy to handle, and very good layers. This British bird is the perfect chicken for your backyard.

The Creme Legbars have been popular free-range laying chickens since Greenfire Farms first offered them in the USA in 2010. Greenfire Farms is the only supplier in the USA offering purebred Cream Legbar from legal imports. We sourced our Production Creme Legbars from Greenfire Farms, so you know you are buying from good stock when you buy your day-old chicks.

How Many Eggs Do Legbars Lay a Year?

Creme Legbars are exotic birds from Merry Olde England with the looks of a silkie and the elegance of a partridge. They can thank their Italian relatives for their fancy good looks!

Visually, Creme Legbars resemble the Livorno or Leghorn chicken, but have a small feathered cap and lay blue eggs. They are only one color variation of the Legbar, which also exists as Golden, Silver, Opal, and Cotswold Legbars. The golden and silver ones are very rare.

The Cream Legbar is becoming the fashionable chicken for chicken keepers with remote homes or smaller gardens, too. Creme Legbars are well suited for free-range but need their chicken coop and additional feed. They love snuggling up together and are oh so soft.

Both the production and exhibition Creme Legbars are simply gorgeous as roosters and as hens. If your city allows roosters, keep one rooster for every ten hens.

When searching for a pet chicken, your family should consider this rare chicken breed from London. The chicks mature in 6 months – so prepare for egg laying to happen, or with day-old chicks, a contingency plan for unwanted roosters. The hens weigh 5.5 lbs and the roosters weigh 7.5 pounds.

Legbars lay about 260 large blue eggs a year. That’s quite a few blue eggs. So, if you have a few hens, you’ll be able to make custards and cakes with no problem.

Can I Let My Chickens Roam Free?

The pretty Creme Legbars are good feeders, lay lots of blue eggs, and are suitable for free-range housing. There should be regular cover to escape chicken hawks, owls, and other predators like racoons, weasels, and minks. Nevertheless, there must not be too many predators in the area. 

In addition, the chicken coop must protect at night and not just keep out the wind and rain. They do love to fly, so a large yard is best. Or, if that concerns you, cover the chicken pen. 

If your situation does not allow free-range, Creme Legbars are also content with more cozy housing. The ideal is the most extensive possible run with a high fence or even covered by a chicken net.  

Nevertheless, some Creme Legbar chickens always do not take well to confined conditions and always seek a way to freedom.

Are you interested in having a coop built for you, and included with your chicks? We’ve got you covered! Please contact us and ask about the right coop for your garden.

What Are the Characteristics of a Creme Legbar Chicken?

Because of strong survival instincts, these chickens are more cautious and thus shy to humans. They’re known to not develop into family or cuddly chickens; however, we feel our Creme Legbars open up to you. Pet them quietly as they eat. They’ll warm up to ya. Some people have found that they can even become loud and gruff in stressful situations. This is especially true for roosters during mating season.

Creme Legbars can be mixed with other chicken breeds. If they are larger, they must be very peaceful.

Creme Legbars don’t make any special demands on the chicken house or water supply and feeding. If everything is enough for your other chicken breeds, these chickens are also satisfied. Feeding can be reduced whenever there is a lot in the free range.

What Breeds Make up the Creme Legbar?

Creme Legbars are one of the three color varieties of Legbar chickens. They were originally bred at Cambridge University around 1930 and are affiliated with the Chilean Araucana chicken.

“The Ameraucana breed and “Easter egger” hybrids of the United States, which also lay blue or green eggs, both derive from the Araucana.” Wikipedia

During the years of research at Cambridge, and in an attempt to refine the golden Legbar, a white Leghorn cock was introduced. Among the offspring were two cream hens, which were crossed with a Golden Legbar cock. The white offspring were mated with each other. Among their offspring were some cream ones. Thus, by chance, the Creme Legbars were created.

Production Creme Legbar Day-Old Chicks Make for a Great Investment

The British have always taken the USA by storm — like Harry and Meghan, The Beatles, Soccer, and Fish and Chips. Coincidentally, you need eggs for your fish batter so why not from Creme Legbars?

So, are you thinking of adding this European bird to your flock of backyard chickens? Graywhale Farms offers German, Swiss, French, Spanish, and dinosaur chickens too, don’t you know?

Graywhale Farms has a mission to bring the country to the city making families in the Midwest healthy and happy. 

Happy. Healthy. 

Made in Door County.

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