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2023 Day Old Chicks Lineup

Our spring 2023 day old chicks lineup represents 8 different countries of origin. You can reserve your day old chicks or wait for the updates on our blog regarding availability. As of this writing reservations are encouraged. For our most popular breed (Indio Gigante) we are two weeks backordered. We will hatch every Monday from April 15 through September 1. We will have local pickup and nationwide shipping available. We plan on hatching 300-500 rare breed chicks every week. We’d like to provide 3,000-5,000 day old chicks to our community this coming season.

Indio Gigante, Country of origin: Brazil

Ayam Cemani Country of origin: Indonesia

Indio Gigante, Country of origin: Brazil

Denizli Longcrower, Country of origin: Turkey

Red Pita Pinta, Country of origin: Spain

Gold Deathlayer, Country of origin: Germany

Black Copper Marans, Country of origin: France

Wheaten Sulmtaler, Country of origin: England

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