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December 1, 2022 Farm Report

Ayam Cemani brooding

Though we’re technically still in fall, the lack of leaves, snow flurries, and frost on the ground tell us that winter is here. Oh, and the temperature has elegantly dipped below 32ºF which presents an issue with water containers both outside and in the barn. (How do you keep your water thawed?)

The good news is that we have Ayam Cemani hens who are laying like crazy and need to list those hatching eggs on eBay as well as no deaths, though it dipped to 19ºF outside. 

Chickens are resilient wild, though domesticated and bred, animals. They have multiple layers of feathers as well as types of feathers. This makes them very soft – and insulated. They’re social animals who love cuddling to sleep. 

They’re loving the heat lamps over their roosting areas and got to snack on some more pumpkin today. It’s so easy to love them.