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December 6, 2022 Farm Report

Photo of a Wheaten Sulmtaler hen standing near a Black Copper Marans couple

Fall temperatures have returned to Door County and we’re getting a break from snow – though it is forecasted this week. The sun rose at 7:13 PM today and will set at 4:10 PM; the overcast skies are a temptation for a gloomy mood but our chickens keep us pretty entertained.

One Indio Gigante Hen loves flying up and roosting on Jesse’s arm. It’s way too cute. An ayam Cemani Rooster prepares the nesting boxes for his laying hens which is way too cute. We’ve listed hatching eggs on eBay, too, by the way. 

It’s so much fun to improv conversation for the chickens. Like in today’s phot of a Production Creme Legbar talking over the fence to a Black Copper Marans couple, what do you think they’re saying? I imagine Marge dishing out gossip about Gloria and Carole while the Black Copper Marans Rooster (André sounds like a good french name) tells Marie to stay out of their business. 

Christmas is only a few weeks away and we’re decorating inside and around the farmhouse. The Charlie Brown Tree at the front of the property is complete and we’re just waiting for battery-operated lights for our sign and another pine at the end of our driveway.

We haven’t had any deaths in the last couple of days, which is always good news and we gave our flock some Fly Fiesta yesterday (like Taco Tuesday only totally different). 🙂

What are your strategies to deal with Midwest Overcast Days?