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Everyone Has a Hobby These Days — Maybe Your Thing is Chickens


Get a hobby. Everyone who says this to you seems to say it dismissively. It reminds you of your childhood when you complained about being bored. “Get a hobby,” your dad said. You go to therapy, and “Get a hobby” reverberates. But you know you’re not like most people. 

Some people love pickleball others love golf. You’re not into sports that much. And you know that your family would revolt if you took up crochet. That was so overdone during the pandemic. So, what if your thing is chickens?

Finding Your Thing – A Hobby That Serves You

So, what’s a hobby?  A simple definition of a hobby is an activity that gives you joy but isn’t your source of income. When I first started managing social media for businesses on the side, my accountant called it a hobby. So, you could be getting paid for this hobby – like hosting karaoke on the side. Many hobbies require a group of friends to form a team – kickball in the summer, and bowling in the fall. Other hobbies, well, you’re just not into it. 

When you’re unsure what hobby would be good for you, ask yourself some questions. So, what is it that you want out of your hobby? After all, your hobby should serve you, not the other way around.

  • Do you want to spend time outdoors?
  • Do you like being around animals?
  • How about personal satisfaction from being part of growth?
  • Do you enjoy quiet time to think?
  • Do you like observing social groups?
  • Do you like baking with fresh eggs?

If you answered yes to most of those questions, chickens might be your thing. And believe me, I never thought I would love chickens the way I do. Our Instagram is full of Chicken Selfies. Hobby farms and backyard chickens are even popular in Europe. Honestly, my friends are all blown away that chickens can be so cuddly.

Just like Dogs, Chickens Are a Commitment

If you’re not sure you want chickens, try volunteering at a farm (or visiting one). Ask around your friend groups to see who has chickens. It’s not all fun and games; I don’t want to over-romanticize it. Sure there are costs involved, Chickens can live about 10 years, and they require daily participation – just like any pet.  

The more you talk to (or in my case sing to), pet, hold, and love on your chickens, the more you’ll have that returned to you. And, you never know, like me you may find that physical labor helps your mental health more than you expected.

“There are a lot of benefits to farming fowl, starting with the mental and physical benefits that come along with having a hobby.” Home Advisor

Chickens Are the Hobby That Gets You Outside

Like gray whales, Graywhale Farms is well-traveled and so are our chickens! Spending time in the backyard with family is so fulfilling, that you won’t notice the reduction in screen time. 

From our hatchery to your backyard

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