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Graywhale Farms is growing.

Graywhale Farms, a chicken hatchery located in Door County, Wisconsin is expanding its hatchery operation.

We began the journey in 2021.

I started Graywhale Farms as a hobby farm. I sought a new path where I could dial in my sustainable farming and living skills. As a lifelong fisherman and hunter – this seemed like the appropriate progression. 

In 2022 I gained an understanding of the breadth of farm practices and skills necessary to build a competitive, small commercial farming operation. 

From building and maintenance to soil footprint, hatching systems, regulations, shipping livestock and sustainable feed practices — each area required its own practice.

In 2024 I’ve decided we need to grow more. Graywhale Farms is expanding outside of hatchery operations.  We are expanding because hatching eggs, backyard chickens, cylindra beets and hakurei turnips are only a few of the pieces needed to create a sustainable ecosystem for hundreds of millions of Americans. 

To solve the sustainability and food conundrum — how to supply the healthiest food to the most people–at a cost we can all afford – Graywhale Farms has to swallow a few other things, too.

  1. Foster new farming best practices around sustainable living metrics
  2. Expand educational programming on sustainable living practices
  3. Innovate packaging and shipping practices with USPS Postmasters 
  4. Improve online local ecommerce for other farmers. 

We know how to solve a few of these items immediately and have two new programs to announce:

  1. The Friendly Farmer program

We’re bringing experienced and new farmers together to improve our practices and further improve the sustainable living marketplace.

Our friendly farmer program consists of 

  • Compliance verification
  • Farm + Hatchery Quality control
  • Hatchery buildout consulting
  • Ecommerce and internet support
  • Online Sales generation
  • Farmer fulfillment+packaging support

Our first friendly farmer is Sam Wavrunek!

Graywhale Farms is teaming up with Sam Wavrunek and Living Color Farms to expand our sustainability efforts statewide and build more genetic diversity within the rare breed poultry and fowl flock(s) in Wisconsin.

Sam’s farm is just an hour down the road from Sturgeon Bay in Denmark, WI. Sam has been raising, breeding and farming chickens his entire life.  In addition to his rare breed poultry, Sam also raises cows, pigs and a variety of fowl.

Living Color Farms hatches day-old chicks nearly all year and has Hatching Eggs available, too.  His current flock encompasses over 30 species –totalling over 800 rare breed birds.

His 35+ years in Poultry will make him an invaluable member of the Graywhale Farms community of families, schools and breeders.  Living Color Farm is NPIP Certified (35-0736). 

2. Graywhale Farms Campground and Sustainable Living Center

Graywhale Farms plans to build a 30 site campground and center for sustainable living. Our campground will allow students and faculty a place to stay in warmer months.  Our center will offer educational programming from experts all over the country.  We will offer 3-day, 7-day and 28-day workshops.

The campground will also provide schools, business and large group daily programs.

Want to talk on the phone? Please contact us at (920) 724-1887.

Graywhale Farms — 2355 Michigan St. Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235