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You want chickens but have questions. Here are our most frequently asked questions about backyard chickens.

Do backyard chickens smell?

No, backyard chickens do not smell. Chickens are beautiful and soft and cuddly. Of course, they’re animals and they poop and pee like any pet. You wouldn’t have a kitty cat and not change the litter box twice a week, right? Your Golden Doodle has to be picked up after twice a day. A baby needs his diaper changed. This is the common sense approach we take at Graywhale Farms.

Controlling the smell also keeps backyard chickens clean. You stay happy and healthy — and not smelly — by adding flake on a regular basis. We use Tractor Supply’s premium pine shavings. If your chicken coop or run is on wheels, then you move it regularly. And the good news is that backyard chickens make great organic fertilizer. Your prize-winning tulips will thank you.

“A forty-pound dog generates more solid waste than ten chickens. To be more specific, one 40-pound dog generates about ¾ (.75 pounds) of poo every day. Ten chickens generate about two-thirds (.66 pounds) daily poop.” Patricia Foreman

Are backyard chickens loud?

No, backyard chickens are not loud. Roosters crow, that’s true. Dogs bark. Tomato, to-mah-to. Speaking of dogs, their bark is about as loud as a rooster’s crow at 90 DB. When is your dog loud? Generally when he wants to go potty, eat, drink, sees a threat, or when he wants to cuddle. It’s the same with pet chickens.

As long as you give your chickens plenty of quality food and water and spend time with them, they’re no louder than a couple of people having a conversation. It’s quite pleasant to hear them coo and chirp — they’re birds after all.

“Hens make a lot of sounds, but most of them are quiet and gentle. The only time they get really loud are when they have laid an egg.” Omlet

Are egg-laying chickens mean?

No, egg-laying chickens aren’t mean. They are quite gentle and all of our pure breeds allow you to get eggs from them and pick them up. They’re not broody. In fact, most people we meet are amazed at how cuddly and huggable chickens are.

My child is allergic to cats. Is a chicken a good pet?

Approximately 10-20% of the population is allergic to cats or dogs while allergies to live chickens are rare. This makes backyard chickens the perfect pets for those with cat and dog allergies.

Where do you source your chicken breeds?

All of our rare breed chickens are sourced from Greenfire Farms. We believe in their mission to conserve and preserve these beautiful bird species.

Graywhale Farms is Making Families Happy and Healthy.

When searching for backyard chickens in the Midwest, we have happy, healthy rare-breed chickens. 

Graywhale Farms has a mission to bring the country to the city, making families in the tristate area healthy and happy.