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Hatching Eggs for your STEM program.

Let’s inspire your students about sustainability, together. The Graywhale Farms way begins with loving your chickens. Chickens provide companionship and food. Most importantly, they teach us about life.  

Graywhale Farms works with schools and teachers around the country to implement educational programs around hatching eggs, sustainable farming, and raising a flock.

The source of quality food is the source of a happy and healthy life. Hatching eggs are the start of that process.

How we work with teachers

Choose your species

We have 8 different rare breed species from around the world.  Work with Graywhale Farms to choose a few different breeds, based on what your students like or region that you live.

Receive your hatching eggs

We’ll securely package your hatching eggs and send them off to your local post office.  You can use the post office pickup to teach your students about how goods travel, too!.

Incubate your hatching eggs

From placing your eggs in the setter to the first day of candling, your students will light up with curiosity. The Graywhale Farms team will even hop on a zoom call and describe how to candle, what to look for and what to do if there is a “non viable egg”.  

Hatch Day

New life begins on hatch day.  This is also an opportunity to teach your students about the importance of cleanliness and gentleness on such a teachable day.
For more information on ordering Hatching eggs for your school please contact us at (920) 724-1887.

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