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June 2024 Farm Report

Our wet and sunny spring has continued into the summer in northeast Wisconsin. The chickens are currently enjoying the summer outside. This time of year it feels like the sun rises at 4a (when it’s sunny) and never (when the rain is here) ; the overcast skies aren’t gloomy at all, though.

We completed most of our winter and springtime orders, but we still have a few outstanding. We appreciate your patience if you are one of those customers.

What’s thriving:

We now have three different Blue Indian Peafowl Flocks. The birds are incredibly beautiful, happy and heathy. Sam received some of these birds from a retiring farmer in Maryland. She was a pre-eminent peafowl farmer.

Our Black Copper Marans and Gold Deathlayer hatch rates continued to be above industry standard in our Winter and Springtime hatches.

We have a Black Copper Marans Cross Day Old Chicks now available. They are oliver eggers! The featured image for this post shows their hatching eggs. These hatched May 22, 2024.

Unfortunately, our Pita Pinta roosters have become infertile and we are working on solving this problem.

Between the farms, there are approximately 800 day old chicks currently available for sale.

Give us a call or email if you’d like to talk. Enjoy the summer.

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