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Meet the owner

Hey there, I’m Jason Knill — owner of Graywhale Farms. I purchased the property in Sturgeon Bay, WI in 2021 with a goal to help families live sustainably. It’s been a short time in a long journey, but farming has already shown me its many rewards.

I’m a lifelong fisherman and love to golf. I am very interested in the traits and characteristics of chicken species. I am also interested in developing genetic profiles through measured, nurtured activities.

I have a lifelong love of the ocean. When I’m not on a farm I am on the West Coast fishing the Coronado Escarpment or lower 43. As an offshore fisherman I have learned to understand failure, accept my small nature and work on the important principle of technique and repetition. The ocean is the ultimate teacher for learning about dynamics in nature. It’s a powerful force and much of those experiences are applied to farming.

I am an entrepreneur. I’ve started and sold an advertising agency and technology company. Many of the lessons I’ve learned over those 20 years are also applied to how I farm and run this business.

I am blessed to have a wonderful family. We like each other and hang out all the time. Family is the most important thing.

I live in Titletown, USA — Go Packers.