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October 18, 2022 Farm Report

photo of the farm in the fall with an orange and yellow tree in the background, a John Deere tractor, and two chamois spitzhaubens drinking water in the foreground

Bridget, Jason, Nado, and Diesel were up most of the night with a howling wind but woke up to warm coffee. Our flock Birds seemed happier than we thought and no structural damage despite wind gusts over 50 MPH.

Our tree birds were out early and our new fencing is keeping the birds from the neighbor.  We really need to get all our pens on stilts before the snow.

Our one Indio and Maran who are in our nursing center got a lot of love and some Rooster Booster. They are recovering nicely.  

Winter is coming and we really need to get our barn garage in order so the ark can be filled. 

The purple apples were a delight in the afternoon.