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October 19, 2022 Farm Report

photo of the farm in the fall with an orange and yellow tree in the background, a John Deere tractor, and two chamois spitzhaubens drinking water in the foreground

Threats of snowfall turned into a light rain last night. Temperatures hovered around 42 degrees. The morning brought a beautiful sunrise over our green metal roofing coops. Vitamin E and Sellinium supplements are blended every day due to shortages of these nutrients in our Sturgeon Bay land. Our Pullets and Hens regularly interact between pens now, as some of the fencing was taken out to accommodate better movement. 

The birds always return to their own Coops at night— of course, they know where they live.

Barn Construction is nearly completion with only a Modine to install. Some of our birds are already taking a sneak peak at their new winter homes and laying areas.

Under construction and making progress is our new outdoor chicken runs, that will be fully covered and connected to the barn. 

Our first one star review! It’s an honor to be talked about on the internet — good or bad. Experience says all reviews are good so we’ll take it.