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Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs


Are you looking for Ayem Cemani hatching eggs from a sustainable farm?

  • 6 fresh hatching eggs per order
  • Shipped to your directly from our farm in Door County
  • Packaged Securely
  • Shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays
  • 7 other rare breed species to choose from

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Ayam Cemani, rare breed Hatching Eggs shipped directly to your house.

You receive 6 Ayem Cemani hatching eggs with this order. The hatching eggs that you receive only come from our rare breed chickens at our farm in Sturgeon Bay, Door County.

They come very nicely packaged and are fertile eggs ready for incubation.

Ayam Cemani hens are well taken care of and there eggs are collected several times a day and will be fresh when shipped. Estimated delivery dates include seller handling, time, origin zip code, destination zip code, time of acceptance, and receipt of the cleared payment. Eggs are shipped within a couple of days so we can provide you with the freshest eggs possible using USPS. We do our best to pack the eggs securely and safely. We are located in Wisconsin so your eggs will get to you quickly no matter where you are in the continental US.

We cannot guarantee that your eggs will hatch, but we will replace any broken eggs on arrival. Please keep in mind these are live embryos. We use all best practices on our farm and during the packaging process to ensure we have the appropriate amount of hens and roosters for each of our species-specific pens. Graywhale Farms will not refund for a bad hatch.

Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs

If you’re looking for Ayam Cemani hatching eggs for sale consider this very rare and  bird from Indonesia. They play well with other breeds, too and even sing.


From our hatchery to your homestead.

Happy. Healthy.

Made in Door County.

Lot Size

3 Chicks, 4 Chicks, 5 Chicks


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