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Ayam Cemani Pullets


When searching for day-old chicks, your family should consider this designer chicken. 

  • Elegant
  • Unique
  • Colorful

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Just like people, chickens – especially rare breed chicks, come in all different colors and sizes. This chicken is black and beautiful. Their beak, wattle, tongue, comb, feathers, and bones are black. Even their muscles are black!

Why are these chickens black? They have a gene that makes them black: hyperpigmentation (hyper = too much, pigmentation = color). It means that when you see an Ayam Cemani roaming in your yard, you’ll see deep shades of black that glisten in the sun and reflect back with beautiful greens and purples. Since they’re always dressed in black, the Ayam Cemani is always ready for an elegant party. How neat is that?

How many eggs would your family use in a year? The hens lay about 60-100 large-sized, tinted eggs every year. The hens take a 3-6 month break after they’ve laid about 20-30 eggs. You’d want to rest if your babies were that big, too! They’re very gentle and quiet birds who love to roam. They’re a perfect addition to your family’s flock.

Chickie Stat

The Ayam Cemani is entirely black – even their bones and muscles. Talk about a rare breed!

Ayam Cemani Pullets for Sale

When searching for chickens in the Midwest, your family should consider this designer chicken. The chicks mature in about 5-6 months slightly longer than the 18-week average. The hens weigh 2 kilos and the roosters weigh 2.5 kilos.

If your city yard can accommodate a few Ayam Cemani, they’re a quiet, low-maintenance breed. This rare breed is from Java, Indonesia and our flock started from Greenfire Farms which legally imported them to the US. Did you know Indonesians thought they were magical and a sign of good luck? Isn’t that neat?

Graywhale Farms has a mission to bring the country to the city, making families in the Midwest healthy and happy.

From our hatchery to your homestead.

Happy. Healthy.

Made in Door County.


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