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Dry Chicken Fertilizer, 2lbs


High-quality, organic, dry chicken fertilizer is for sale by the burlap sack. Approximately 2lbs. Perfect for your garden.


You may have seen our “boat-load” of fertilizer being sold by the burlap sack at the Farmer’s Market. It’s true. We have high-quality, organic, dry chicken fertilizer for sale by the bag.

This fertilizer comes, of course, from our rare breed chickens. And boy do they eat well. Well-fed chickens create nutrient-rich fertilizer that is perfect to augment the soil in your garden.

Happy & Healthy soil is the way to win that ribbon at the county fair, too!

Fertilizer? Really? Yes, Really.

Being a sustainable farm is essential to the mission of Graywhale Farms. With our Rare Breed Chickens, we’re bringing the country to the city. With our fertilizer, we’re helping gardeners and other farms in Door County amend and support a soil-first approach to our food supply.

Happy. Healthy. 

Made in Door County.



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