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Graywhale Creme-loskya


When searching for day-old chicks, your family should consider hybrid chickens.

  • Unique
  • Value Priced
  • Diversity
  • Experimentation

Chicken Diversity is beneficial for many factors. For the last several months we’ve been breeding a few of our flock breeds together. Most recently we’ve been mating Creme Legbar hens with Pavloskya roosters.


The Graywhale Hyrid is born!

When breeds of chickens mix together, they produce hybrid or crossbreed chickens. These mixed-breed chickens can exhibit a wide range of characteristics and combining traits from their parent breeds.

Our first Graywhale hybrid is the “creme-loskya”.  Its’ a pure bred Pavolskya mixed with a Creme Legbar.  Both of these chickens were hatched at our farm from our own hatching eggs that we produce.

We love Pavloskya’s because of their feathered feet, flock mentality and hardiness.  We love the Green Eggs and freindly attitude that the Creme Legbar produces.

So, the Graywhale Farms Creme-loskya is born!

When you order Graywhale Hybrids you may receive a variety of species mixes.  We’ll continue experimenting with our chickens species and have hybrids available most of the year.

From our hatchery to your homestead, kitchen and backyard.

Happy. Healthy.

Made in Door County.


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3 Chicks, 4 Chicks, 5 Chicks


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