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Indio Gigante Hens


Are you looking for Indio Gigante day-old chicks in Door County?

  • Gentle
  • Smart
  • Tall!

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If looking at an Indio Gigante reminds you of a velociraptor, you’re not alone. Moms and kids alike love these dinosaur-like chickens. But don’t worry, kids, these giants are gentle and play well with other breeds.

Another rare breed, the Indio Gigante comes from Brazil! Another international chicken here at Graywhale Farms. This breed loves to forage for themselves and since they’re so large, they’ll eat quite a bit as they grow – mostly tall instead of large. Be sure to give them a lot of space to roam as well as room for growth.

How many eggs would your family use in a year? Indio Gigante hens lay about 250 large-sized, tinted eggs every year. Holy Smokes! Can you imagine looking for them all at next year’s Easter Egg Hunt? Better number them first.

Chickie Stat

Did you know that the Indio Gigante is the world’s tallest chicken at 3’ tall? They’re still not tall enough for cool rides at the Door County Fair.

Indio Gigante Hens For Sale

When searching for pet chickens, your family should consider this beautiful and docile rare chicken breed for your backyard flock. Indigo Gigante chickens are beautiful and colorful birds who are sure to help make your family happy and healthy. The hens weigh 3 kilos and the roosters weigh 4.5 kilos.

Graywhale Farms has a mission to bring the country to the city, making families in the Midwest healthy and happy.

From our hatchery to your homestead.

Happy. Healthy.

Made in Door County.


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