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Pavlovskaya Pullets


Are you looking for a cold-hearty chicken breed in the Midwest? You’ll definitely want to check out Pavlovskayas.

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If you like the cold-heartiness of Silkies, you’ll love this rare breed from Russia – Pavlovskaya. This breed has feathered legs and it’s no wonder with the temps in Russia – nothing we don’t understand in the Midwest, am I right?

Pavlovskaya are smaller birds with great personalities and fantastic feathering. They’re gold and black – almost the colors of a leopard. I’d venture to say, they wear more leopard print than a group of women in Miami. 😉

They’re not too loud and are great pets. Silkies and Pavlovskaya are both ornamental breeds that are still egg layers. They lay 120-310 medium, tinted eggs annually.

“Some poultry historians believe that the Pavlovkskaya hens are the foundational breed that gave rise to more recently developed crested breeds like the Polish, Barthuhners, and Brabanters” Greenfire Farms

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Pavlovskaya chickens have diminished as a result of the Soviet era. Through species re-establishment, the Pavlovskaya rare chicken breed is back from only 2 roosters!

Pavlovskaya Backyard Chickens for Sale

When searching for a pet chicken, your family should consider this alternative to a silkie – the Russian Pavlovskaya. The hens weigh 3-4 pounds and the roosters weigh 4 pounds.

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