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Wheaton Sulmtaler Day Old Chicks


Are you looking for Creme Legbar day-old chicks for your backyard flock? 

  • Friendly
  • Fluffy
  • Great Egg Layer
  • Great Value for a Rare Breed

Wheaton Sulmtalers are rare-breed chickens from Austria. They’re large and fluffy and actually a dual-purpose bird (though we don’t intend on eating ours). They love to roost together and you’ll frequently see them pile up on one anther. These hearty birds are well-suited for our Midwest winters, too.  Wheaton Sulmtaler hens lay 130-180 large cream and light brown eggs annually. That works out to be 2-4 eggs a week – perfect for fried egg sandwiches. We sourced our Wheaton Sulmtaler Chickens from Greenfire Farms who imported them in 2011. Are you thinking of adding this bird to your flock of backyard chickens?

Chickie Stat

Wheaton Sulmtalers are an Austrian Rare-Breed that survived two world wars.

Wheaton Sulmtaler Day Old Chicks for Sale

When searching for a pet chicken, consider this rare chicken breed from Austria. The chicks mature in 6 months – so prepare for egg laying to happen, or with day-old chicks, a contingency plan for unwanted roosters. The hens weigh 5.5 – 7.5 pounds and the roosters weigh 6.5 – 9 pounds.

“The name derives from the remote and isolated Sulm valley in Austria, a fertile place bounded by mountain ranges and inhabited long ago by wandering tribes of prehistoric hunters.” Greenfire Farms

If your city allows roosters, keep one rooster for every ten hens. Graywhale Farms has a mission to bring the country to the city, making families in the Midwest healthy and happy.  From our hatchery to your homestead. Happy. Healthy.  Made in Door County.


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