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White Marans Hens


Are you looking for backyard chickens in the Midwest? Graywhale Farms has pullets for sale in Door County.

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The White Marans are dressed just as well as the Black Copper Marans with bright red comb and waddle and feathered feet. Yes! Feathered Feet. They’re the only breed that has feathered feet.

Did you know that the Marans breed are named after a town in France? Wouldn’t it be fun to practice speaking French with your very own backyard chickens? Oui. C’est ce bonne.

For example,

J’aime mon poulet de basse-cour” means “I love my backyard chicken.”

Though they began as game birds, they’ve become the royalty of the barn and are perfect backyard chickens. They’re fancy and they know it. (They also tend to not soil their laying boxes.) We’ve sourced our White Marans from Greenfire Farms – the hatchery we trust the most. And their eggs taste great!

“While a typical store-bought egg has a yolk that is runny and flaccid, the free-range Marans produce yolks that have ‘muscle tone;’ little orange domes that jut skyward from the egg white. Marans have the reputation for laying the best-tasting chicken egg in the world.”

Chickie Stat

Even White Marans lay dark brown eggs that look just like a chocolate egg. How cool is that?

White Marans Hens for Sale

When searching for backyard chickens, your family should consider this gorgeous breed. The chicks mature in about 8 months slightly longer than the 18-week average. They lay about 3 eggs a week, just perfect for that wonderful French Omelette Julia Childs taught us how to make. The hens weigh 6 pounds and the roosters weigh 8 pounds.

You don’t need roosters in order for White Marans to lay eggs. This is good news residents of cities who allow backyard chickens — but not roosters.

Graywhale Farms has a mission to bring the country to the city, making families in the Midwest healthy and happy.

From our hatchery to your homestead.

Happy. Healthy.

Made in Door County.

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