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Soil-First Farming

Graywhale Farms is dedicated to introducing cultivating style to the Midwest. Using a soil-first, no-till approach to our vegetable farming ensures the families we serve are happy and healthy for generations to come. 

But what does this mean?

What is Soil-First Farming?

Soil-first means that we prioritize soil health over crop yield. Soil-first means we prioritize the life-sustaining ecosystem of the soil over financial profit. You may hear of “organic” or “no-till farming.” Soil-First Farming goes a few steps beyond just adding compost to nutrient-deprived soil. Why?

Soil is a living ecosystem that includes sand, silt & clay, biological elements (bacteria, fungus — the good kind), as well as a place for plants to root themselves and thrive.

A living soil allows for the natural exchange of nitrogen from the air (thanks to bacteria) for carbon from photosynthesis. That is, specific bacteria have a mutually beneficial relationship with specific root systems. This relationship is a delicate balance — an ecosystem that needs to be protected and nurtured.

This is why at Graywhale Farms we have amended our soil according to our crop needs in Agricultural Zone 5B.

“the supra-molecular aggregation of plant, animal, and microbially-based compounds. organic materials in soil are in various stages of decomposition (or break down). some is converted into stable organic matter and can stick around for 100’s to 1000’s of years.”

Watch: Living Soil Institute (1 Hour)

Graywhale Farms is Making Families Happy and Healthy.

Graywhale Farms is on a mission to increase sustainability for families around the country. From our farm to your homestead, backyard and kitchen