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Pickup and Shipping through the summer.




Rare Breed hatching eggs and day old chicks available now!

How Do I Buy Hatching Eggs?

If you’d like to buy hatching eggs from us, you can purchase them on our website. We offer shipping throughout the entire United States. We ship Monday-Wednesday each week. We collect our eggs twice daily to ensure you receive the highest quality hatching eggs. We also welcome you to visit the farm and pickup your rare breed hatching eggs. Simply Visit our online store or call us at 920-724-1887. We are happy to help.

How Do I Buy Day Old Chicks?

If you’d like to purchase rare breed Day Old Chicks your can Click here or call us at 920-724-1887. We allow for local pickup of day old chicks from April 15-Sept 15. We ship day old chicks nationwide from the Spring-August 15. No minimum order is required if you are picking up locally. If you would like us to ship chicks we ask that you order a minimum of 8 chicks. We require hatching reservations for all chicks but do have chicks available occasionally that are not reserved. Start or build your flock with our sustainable farm.

Looking build your own rare breed flock?

Ask us about our selection of breeding pairs including Ayam Cemani and Indio Gigante.