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We’re Looking to Hire a Chicken Sherpa

photo of a black shetland hen

At Graywhale Farms, we’re looking for a person who is passionate about poultry. This person wants to work with rare-breed chickens that we’re specializing in raising.

Our mission is to get people to spend more time in their backyards and develop a closer relationship with their food sources. “Get your backyard chickens” is how we’re advertising and selling.

We want our Chicken Sherpa to be our resident expert in all things rare-breed chickens — from the best ways to create recipes for their food to supplements and more. Our chicken sherpa will manage the farm hands who help with the daily caregiving of the chickens and work with our Head Farmer on incubating and hatching.

We’d love for our Chicken Sherpa to write the curriculum that we’ll send to new customers on the best ways to care for their new backyard chickens.

Does this sound fun? Come join us up here in Door County. We can’t wait to meet you.

This full-time role is on-site but doesn’t include housing.

Salary Range $41,000 – $59,000

Email Jason to get started.