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Why Did the Dinosaur Cross the Road? To See the Indigo Gigante Chicken of Course!

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Beautiful Indio Gigante Hen looking like her dinosaur ancestors

Did you know that dinosaurs are more closely related to chickens than to any other animal alive today? Scouts honor! So, if you look at an Indio Gigante chicken and it reminds you of a Velociraptor, then you’re not seeing things.

Kids love these dinosaur-like chickens. In fact, Indio Gigante is the largest breed of chicken in the world — almost 3 feet tall!  Some chickens can reach up to 45 inches in height and weigh over 15 pounds. 

They’re great to have around — they make ravens and hawks think twice before landing! But don’t worry, these giants have a very “chill” personality and play well with other breeds. 

The curious and good-natured Indios were hybridized in Brazil from heavy breeds such as Malay and Shamo, and are available in a wide variety of colors. 

Our Indigo Gigantes Are Special Birds

An Indigo hen can begin laying eggs from 7 months and can be used up to 4 years, but ideally up to 30 months. Indigo chicks are extremely vigorous, exploring their environment and quickly finding food and water.

This breed loves to forage for themselves and since they’re so large, they’ll eat quite a bit as they grow – mostly tall instead of large. Be sure to give them a lot of space to roam as well as room for growth.

Is it a Chicken, a Dinosaur, or a Dragon? 

Some people call us to ask if we have “dragon feet chickens”. We don’t, but who needs a dragon when you can have a three-foot-tall chicken with turkey legs that looks like a dinosaur? 

Dragon Feet, or Dong Tao Chickens, hail from Vietnam and are some of the most expensive poultry you can buy. They can take years to rear, and the best are entered in chicken beauty competitions.

Whether part dragon or part dinosaur, domestic chickens are one of the oldest farm animals in the world. It’s said that chickens existed in ancient Egypt, where they were valued because they indicated the arrival of the sun. We still appreciate then for this reason! People who “get up with the chickens” get up shortly after sunrise.

Fresh eggs mean more cakes. Who doesn’t love cake? Chocolate cake!

The average American eats about 280 eggs a year. How many eggs does your family use? 

Indio Gigante hens lay about 250 large-sized, tinted eggs a year. That’s enough eggs to make a delicious Italian chocolate cake each weekend for a year — if you don’t count red-letter days.

You’ll need another hen or two to cover all those waffles and flap jacks though!

Don’t be the Last House on the Block to Have Dinosaur Chickens, Dad!

If you’re looking for Indio Gigante chickens for sale consider this beautiful and docile, rare chicken breed. They get along very well with other breeds, especially Appenzeler Spitzhaubens.

Indigo Gigantes are beautiful and colorful birds who are sure to help make your family happy and healthy and give you plenty to laugh about. Their huge feet make the funniest sounds when they run up to you in the mornings.

Graywhale Farms has a mission to bring the country to the city, making families in the tristate area healthy and happy. 

From our hatchery to your homestead.

Happy. Healthy. 

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